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Tetra Tennis 03

TETRA Tennis

For the Paris Bercy Masters, the French Tennis Federation asked us to submit a project that would stage the entrance of the tennis players on the court.

TETRA Tennis was our answer. It is video-mapping set-up, projected directly on the tennis court. Once the lights dim out, the show consists of redrawing the lines of the court in interaction with the music.

Controlled with a joystick, the visual sequences can be remodeled live :  the lines can vibrate, be deformed, tremble, rotate, create depth…

For the 2009 edition, we added a lighting system composed of 28 stroboscopes equally placed around the court, connected to a digital battery.

  • Type: Vidéo-Mapping
  • Year: 2008
  • City: Paris / Bercy
  • Client: FFT
  • Area: 260 m2
  • Team: Pierre SCHNEIDER / François WUNSCHEL (Concept & Visual) / Fred Viktor (Sound Supervisor) / Benoit REBUS (Visual Operator) / MANGANELLI (Technic)