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Les Grandes Tables de l'île

An ephemeral restaurant/bar/open-air café positioned on Île Seguin in the middle of a temporary garden whilst waiting for the architect Jean Nouvel’s macro project to be implemented, Les Grandes Tables de L’ile is a place to meet, for haute cuisine and why not even parties to accompany the reconstruction of this island steeped in history. The project is an architectural hybridization between an agricultural greenhouse, a barge and a timber-frame house. Modelled after a large wood fibre box suspended in a scaffold structure from which freight containers are hanging, all encompassed beneath a transparent umbrella…

An eye-catching iconoclastic assemblage with an area of 300m2 to accommodate 120 covers and the cuisine of Arnaud Daguin, a chef with stars to his name.

Constructed from scaffolding, wood fibre panels and containers, the restaurant can be promptly extended by video and lighting effects by changing with the assistance of mapping for the duration of a party or a particular event…

‘A meeting place aimed at initiating the reoccupation of the venue. An architecture which must be able to disappear without leaving any traces…’

  • Type: Architecture
  • Year: 2011
  • City: Paris / Ile Seguin
  • Client: Les Grandes Tables
  • Team: Pierre SCHNEIDER et François WUNSCHEL (1024 Architectes) / Stéphanie GRIMARD (Suivi du projet) Entreprises: SIRC (conteneurs et construction) / PLETAC (échafaudages) / Light-Event (Electricité) / RECYCLING (lumières intérieures) / CIGUE (mobilier) / ABAC (Chauffage et VMC), Chantier Moderne (VRD) / BATISS (Préventioniste) / SOCOTEC (Bureau de contrôle)