Expo Electro

Expo Electro2019

Architectural, Scenography & Installation


Philharmonie de Paris presents a major exhibition on electronic music
through the exploration of its imagination, its innovations, its mythologies
and its correspondences with visual arts.

From the 9th of April to 11th of August 2019, the grand exhibition space of the Philharmonie de Paris is turned into an immersive experiential world of sound and visuals dedicated to electronical music and it’s place in our culture.

Laurent Garnier created several mixes for the exhibition that echo throughout the whole exhibition space. Spanning different eras and places of electronical music, which represents and corresponds to the various areas of the exhibition, dedicated to the history, future and love of electronical music.
The various mixes are also visualized by 1024‘s light installation CORE located in the center of the exhibition space.

Electro Expo / 1024 architecture
Philharmonie de Paris / 2019

Production: Philharmonie de Paris
Curator: Jean Yves Leloup
Scenography: 1024 architecture
Sound Track: Laurent Garnier
Graphic design: Agnes Dahan Studio
Exhibition Light: Douet Design
Construction: Sans Frontiere

1024 team: Pier Schneider, François Wunschel, Nico Merlin, Tom Doucet, Halah Al Juhaishi
1024 photo: Brice Pelleschi / Julie Guiches