FRAC Library

FRAC Library2017

Installation for FRAC Library and cafe

A wood structure to creat a new home for the FRAC Library and cafe.
Under the invitation of Patrick Bouchain, for the 1st architectural Biennale of the FRAC Center


A  micro architecture installation serving as the entrance, library and café for the art FRAC centre in Orléans.

Made of wood, metal and lights, this simple structure just slide in the existing space, connecting the new entrance of the FRAC with the exhibition space by a new place where you can sit down, read a book, have a drink and take a break.

FRAC Library / L’atelier / 1024 architecture
Wood, metal, lights
FRAC Centre / 2018

Construction: Depuis 1920 @ La Villa Mais D’ici
Photo: 1024 / Yves MALENFER