Audio Visual Performance




The third part of the trilogy Euphorie-Crise-Recession is an audiovisual performance, a journey through what’s left of our civilisation.
The show echoes the scarcity of natural resources, diminishing of species, and the ever expanding influence of built matter.
The two performers activate the digital vista in realtime, like busted puppeteers, waiting for something to go wrong.

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We are the priests of the shadow economy
The church of shopping and buying
buying and selling
Preaching for punks and technologists

Margin call
broke, no money, laundry money
Wash your brain everyday

Petrified in a graveyard
your problem serves a purpose
have you ever had people switch on you

The Rock, The Holy Mountain
Radiocative planet
The end of the world is now
RECESSION is a natural phenomenum in market economy

second hand electronics
will end up in Africa
reborn as a smartphone
plastic inferno or gorilla glass

Recession makes heavy use of photogrammetry techniques in order to depict the “real” world as seen through the eyes of the performing duo.

Buy buy buy
Sell Sell Sell
Good, food soda
Soft beer vodka
Choclate chips pickles
Bagels and corned beef
Battery chicken corn
Battey chicken porn
we don’t eat fried chicken no more

the end of this world is now
Come with us to the origin of a new world
get ready to take a big step out of your path
into your destiny
you got to step into your destiny
a small step for man but a giant leap for mankind

Co-production / Arcadi