Square Cube

Square Cube2007

Etienne de Crecy "Beats and Cubes" Live Show

Minimal aesthetics, 8 bit world and anamorphous elements are the components of the show, created especially for Etienne de Crecy.

SQUARE Cube is a 6x6m cubic scaffolding structure covered by nets, on which visual graphics are projected. The concept is deliberately uncomplicated: the physical cube is reinvented, renewed, endlessly modified by its projected 3d model.

Also designed for the show is the special interface synchronizing the visual graphics and the live music (EVS).

SQUARE Cube Booking: Clement Bournat / Pi-Pole / clement@pi-pole.com

City / Wolrdwide
Year / 2008
Client / Etienne de Crécy
Production / Pi-Pole
Festival / TransMusicales de Rennes (France) 2007