3D moving lights mapped sculpture

TESSERACT (aka HYPER-Cube) is a 3D moving lights mapped sculpture that react to the sound.



It refers to the geometrical and mathematical Tesseract object, reinterpreted in real life with a 3D moving light array setup. The installation is a 3d sculptural cube equipped with moving light, where the audience is invited to walk in. A tri-dimentional array of light mounted in an open scaffold construction are able to turn in any direction. Within the cube shape, the spotlights evoke a futuristic world. The installation is in fact no longer sculpture but motion itself: an ever-evolving state of shape and space of which the spectator is a part.

// New Forms Festival in Vancouver the 13th of september 2013 / With the constructive collaboration of  Vancouver artists: Cedric Bomford, Innes Yates, and Reece Terris. Curated by Kate Armstrong and Malcolm Levy.
// Signal Festival  / Pragues / from the 17th to 20th of october 2013
// GLOW Festival Eindhoven  / from 9th to 16th of november 2013
// Cerventino Festival / Guanajuato / Mexique / 2014
// Base sous-marine / Bordeaux / France / 2014
// Parc de la Vilette / Paris / France / 2016
// OSOSPHERE / Strasbourg / France / 2017


Booking contact: booking@1024architecture.net

Photo: Emmanuel Gabily for 1024