V Mirror

V Mirror2009

Vitalic "FLASHMOB-Tour" Live-Show

Inspired by the disco glitterball principle, the V-Mirror is made of 2 reflective and luminescent pannels, like giant wings allowing Vitalic to appear like an insect about to fly off.

It is made of LED pannels coverded by an adhesive solar protective film which is transparent and reflective.

This set up allows reflections of the musician himself, his instruments and the public, as well as synchronized video effets inside the pannels, all at once.

Each sonor story corresponds to a visual sequence, turned on by the musician through a specific interface. The lighting effects also reinfore the color impacts of each story.

City / Worldwide
Year / 2009
Client / VITALIC
Light Operator & Sound Designer / Citizen Records
Booker / Thomas Sabot – UNI-T Production
Tour Manager / Vincent Latapie & Joe Addington
LED Provider / KREAT