• Non classé

    LooP / Experienza Pepe / Teaser

    LooP / Infinite LooP of Light Installation
    First test at Caserma Pepe for Experience Pepe /  Lieux Infinis Opening party
    Thanks Encore Heureux for this nice invitation !

    @ Venice Architecturale Biennale 2018

  • drone

    CasermAh! Pepe

    Flash flight at Caserma Pepe for the Lieux Infinis mission during the architecture biennale. big up Encore Heureux

  • drone

    FPV Photogrammetry

    I finally took some time to compile a few FPV photogrammetry shots.
    Flown with an Armattan Chameleon / 2207 Cobra CP / Emax Bullet 30A / Betaflight

  • experiment


    Smooth particles hydrodynamics solver on the GPU using compute shader.

  • sphere

    Sphere: BioCells WIP

    Marching cubes on the GPU,
    multiple-render targets
    analytical normal mapping
    ambiant occlusion,
    depth of field and a lot of other stuff going on at 60FPS.

    100% generative.