“By adding energy to the matter it interacts with,
questioning public space, stage and performative arts,
1024 creates an immersive world made of
abstract geometry, lights and movement.”


Expo Electro

2048 A.D.



BLOG Post & News !

  • drone

    FPV Photogrammetry

    I finally took some time to compile a few FPV photogrammetry shots.
    Flown with an Armattan Chameleon / 2207 Cobra CP / Emax Bullet 30A / Betaflight

  • experiment


    Smooth particles hydrodynamics solver on the GPU using compute shader.

  • sphere

    Sphere: BioCells WIP

    Marching cubes on the GPU,
    multiple-render targets
    analytical normal mapping
    ambiant occlusion,
    depth of field and a lot of other stuff going on at 60FPS.

    100% generative.