« By adding energy to the matter it interacts with,
questioning public space, stage and performative arts,
1024 creates an immersive world made of
abstract geometry, lights and movement. »



Walking Cube



BLOG Post & News !

  • Non classé

    LooP / Experienza Pepe / Teaser

    LooP / Infinite LooP of Light Installation
    First test at Caserma Pepe for Experience Pepe /  Lieux Infinis Opening party
    Thanks Encore Heureux for this nice invitation !

    @ Venice Architecturale Biennale 2018

  • drone

    CasermAh! Pepe

    Flash flight at Caserma Pepe for the Lieux Infinis mission during the architecture biennale. big up Encore Heureux

  • drone

    FPV Photogrammetry

    I finally took some time to compile a few FPV photogrammetry shots.
    Flown with an Armattan Chameleon / 2207 Cobra CP / Emax Bullet 30A / Betaflight