Massive Dj'stage

BOOM-box is big and massive Dj stage.

We designed the BOOM-box as an oversized Ghetto Blaster where a DJ stage takes the place of the tape recorder. It can work for any indoor and outdoor big event: the Boom-box is huge, luminous, noisy and playful.


Its big scale conceals a great work on details. Everything has been custom-made for the show, from the 16 x 8m scaffolding structure, to the visuals, which represent music items, such as the ghetto-blaster, the DJ record decks, sound level displays.  Architectural visuals give a depth to the stage ; even the geographical position of the party can be displayed.

The lighting design, with stroboscopes, blinders and moving lights has also been elaborated to enhance the show

The interface program between sound, image and light, that we call the BOOM-Boxer, has also been home-designed from scratch to be as playful as possible.

The show is controlled with a Playstation joypad, where each sequence is mapped to different buttons and fonctions, allowing to deliver a seamless and lively experience to the viewers.

City / Worldwide
Year / 2008
Client / GlobalGathering (previously Angel Music Group (AMG))
Visual Operator / ne1co
Stage Manager & Light Operator / productioneye