Audio-Visual Installation


Core is a sensory and visual journey,
which implements a new technology of music spatialization
with dynamic volumetric light.

CORE / REBOOT 2019 is 1024’s original composed audiovisual piece, created for CORE, an experimental musical track synchronized with a specifically produced 3-dimensional light show.
During CORE’s premiere public exhibition at the Electro Exposition at the Philharmonie de Paris. REBOOT concluded each of Laurent Garnier’s various mixes that were played out each day.

Exhibited for the first time, in the heart of the Electro Exhibition 2019 at the Philharmonie de Paris, where it illuminated an immersive room to the soundtrack of Laurent Garnier’s various mixes, inviting the guests to experience dynamic spatiality of light and sound in correspondence to each other.

The work takes the form of a cube of 3 meters, consisting of a matrix of 81 LED bars inclined 24° forward and implementing a new GLSL software created by 1024 together with partners Garage Cube, which is used in CORE to generatively produce spatial visualization of light.

CORE / 1024 architecture
Metal, wood, lights, music
Exhibited at Philharmonie de Paris / 2019

Creation & Production: 1024
Light solution: LED Pixel
Electro mix: Laurent Garnier
Reboot audiovisual track: 1024 architecture

Photo: 1024 / Brice Pelleschi / Julie Guiche / Gilles Lefauconier