Audio-visual generative performance collaboration


OPUS is an audiovisual performance collaboration between 1024 & Tovel.
Combining classical music with electronical distortion and rythm,
along with an immersive digital- architectural landscape that morphs and distorts with the sound.

“Organic, futuristic, electro and contemporary, Opus is a rare balance between the visual creation of 1024 and the power of the sound score of Tovel: a total success in an ideal setting that of La Scala.”
– Jean Michel Jarre –

A voyage to Italy, a romantic dream in the digital era composed by Matteo Franceschini who is joined on stage by the Italian string quartet Quartetto Maurice and by IRCAM’s acoustician Manuel Poletti at the forefront of sound research. The young composer crosses all aesthetics, classical composed chamber music combined and distorted with experimental electronical rythms and sounds.

OPUS / 1024 architecture & Tovel / 2019

Music: Tovel (Matteo Franceschini)
Visuals: 1024 architecture
Performers: Quartetto Maurice
Sound spatialization: Manuel Poletti / IRCAM

Production: La Scala de Paris, IRCAM, 1024 architecture