Social Club

Social ClubParis 2008


Paris, New Year’s Eve, 2008, the Tryptique club is living through its last hours.

And we come in. A few paint strokes on the walls to transform the place into a blackboard ; a topo-graphic intervention follows in order to outline a new space within the walls. Lines are drawn. The paint may be invisible, but it is reactive to black light…

A white line crosses the place to link all the neuralgic points (entrance, ticket sales, coat room, bar, dance floor, dj stage). It is made of LED tubes and black neon light that can either reveal the new spatial organization or make it disappear …

To top it all, cubic furniture with white outlines was designed : they can be used as chairs, tables, or podiums (Daya BAKKER design).

Two weeks later, the new game field for clubbers was born : welcome to the SOCIAL Club.

City / Paris
Year / 2008