The mapping software made by artists, for artists.
Mapping Software

Released in 2011, MadMapper is an accessible and powerful tool for mapping video, light, LED, and laser content. It was born of a meeting between 1024 architecture studio and GarageCube.

MadMapper offers technical solutions to ever-evolving artistic needs, aiming to lighten the technical aspects of an installation to concentrate on the creation itself. It's an international project going from strength to strength: today, it's headed by 1024 in Paris, Garage Cube in Geneva, and a dream team of developers based in Brussels.

The Mad’s user community includes visual and digital artists, set designers, set decorators, VJs, and many other creators who work on both indoor artistic installations and large-scale outdoor shows. MadMapper is a software in constant evolution, that meets the needs of its users and evolves with the environment of digital arts and new technologies from which it springs.test

1024 architecture